Bolagsstämma/Annual General Meeting, AGM

Biovica’s vision – ‘best-possible-treatment’ from day one

We envisage a future where every patient receives the best possible therapy from the very first day of treatment. Where medical decisions are tailored to individual needs rather than practices that work for some but not for others. Our assays will help clinicians predict and monitor response to treatment with unrivalled speed and precision. We will make ‘best-possible-treatment’ a reality.

Biovica’s mission – more informed treatment decisions

Biovica improves the way cancer is treated today regarding patient survival and quality-of-life as well as the costs borne by society. By implementing Biovica’s biomarker assays into current treatment paradigms, clinicians can make more informed decisions about medical treatment and follow-up and thereby deliver the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.