Board of Directors

Lars Holmqvist (1959)
Lars Holmqvist (1959)Chairman of the Board since 2019
Lars holds a MSc in Business Administration. Former Senior Advisor within healthcare at Bain Capital. Senior management positions in pharma and medtech companies including Agilent, Dako, Applied Biosystems Inc. and Medtronic Europe Sarl. Board member in the Lundbeck Foundation, H Lundbeck A/S, ALK-Abelló A/S, Tecan AG, BPL Plc-UK and Vitrolife AB.
Holdings: 410 630 B-shares, 50 000 warrants 2019/2023 (TO4)
MARIA HOLMLUND (1956)Board of Directors since 2016
Maria has 30 years of experience in the life science and diagnostic industry and she has previously held senior management positions as CEO, business area manager and marketing manager at international diagnostic companies such as Pharmacia Diagnostics, Boehringer Mannheim, Roche Scandinavia, Phadia and Thermo Fisher. She has extensive experience of successfully introducing novel diagnostic products globally. Maria is currently CEO of Prolight Diagnostics.
Holdings: 9 750 B-shares, 25 000 warrants 2019/2023 (TO4)
ULF JUNGNELIUS, MD (1951)Director of the Board since 2014
Ulf is a board-certified oncologist trained at the Karolinska Institute. In more than 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical drug development, he has been Vice President of Clinical Research and Development, Oncology, at Celgene Inc., and has held similar positions at Pfizer, Eli Lilly, and Takeda Pharmaceuticals in the US. He has had important responsibilities in the clinical development of several successful oncology drugs, including Abraxane®, Gemzar®, Alimta®, and Revlimid®. In addition, his work has been pivotal in several multibillion-dollar acquisitions, such as Celgene’s acquisitions of Abraxis and Pharmion.
Holdings: 25 000 warrants 2019/2023 (TO4)
HENRIK OSVALD (1959)Board of Directors since 2019
Henrik is the CEO of Primas Invest AB, which has a portfolio of investments in Life Science. He has experience as an entrepreneur and CEO in the distribution and retail area and has successfully built up a larger international business.
Holdings: 424,106 B-shares
JESPER SÖDERQVIST, PH.D (1966)Board of Directors since 2013
Jesper received an MSc in Engineering Physics from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology and a PhD from the Royal Institute of Technology and CERN. Jesper is CEO of Arcoma AB. He was formerly Vice President of Elekta’s Neuroscience division and General Manager, Mammography, at Philips Healthcare and the CEO of Sectra Mamea, AB, from 2004 until it was acquired by Philips in 2011. In these positions, he managed the microdose mammography business, taking it from a start-up to an international medical technology company. Jesper has also held management positions at Huber+Suhner and at Allgon.
Holdings: 41 085 A-shares, 38 200 B-shares, 25 000 warrants 2019/2023 (TO4)
ANDERS RYLANDER (1970)Board of Directors since 2010 and CEO
Anders Rylander has an MSc in Mechanical Engineering with specialties in Industrial Economics and Management from the Swedish Royal Institute of Technology. He has been a management consultant for more than 15 years, at companies such as Accenture and Andersen Consulting. Anders co-founded Axholmen, a management consulting firm that focuses on improving the operational efficiency of large corporations in the Nordic market. He also founded Arinvest, a private equity investment firm investing in the clean-tech and life science business areas.
Holdings: 3 575 640 A-shares, 368 956 B-shares
ANNIKA BERG (1963)Board of Directors since 2020
Annika is the Global Vice President of Quality Assurance & Regulatory Affairs, at the division for immunodiagnostics, Thermo Fisher Scientific. She has over 34 years experience Pharma-, Biotech-, Life Sciences and diagnostics company. Previously she has held posistions as Global Vice President of Quality Assurance, Regulatory Affairs and Medical Affairs at Agilent Technologies and before that Global vice President of QA/RA at GE Healthcare and Section Manager at Pfizer. Annika holds a Licentiate in anlytical chemistry.
Holdings: None
MARIE-LOUISE FJÄLLSKOG, PH.D (1964)Board of Directors since 2020
Marie-Louise, MD, Ph.D from Uppsala University. Marie-Louise is Chief Medical Officer at Sensei Biotherapeutics in Boston, USA. She was formerly Global Clinical Program Leader at Novartis Institute for Biomedical Research (NIBR), she held a position within Translational Clinical Oncology (TCO) and held global responsibility for developement of targeted treatments: CDK4/6, BCL-2, and immunotherapy (CSF-1, PD-1 och CD73) and as Vice President (VP) Clinical Development at Merus and Infinity Pharmaceuticals, Cambridge, USA.
Holdings: None

Biovica’s Board of Directors consists of six ordinary members elected by the AGM, including Chairman of the Board, who have been elected until the next Annual General Meeting. The board members, their position, when they were elected for the first time and if they are considered independent in relation to the company and senior executives and in relation to major shareholders are described in the table below.

NamePositionMember sinceCompany and managementMajor shareholders
Lars HolmqvistChairman2019YesYes
Anders RylanderBoard Member2010NoNo
Maria HolmlundBoard Member2016YesYes
Jarl Ulf JungeliusBoard Member2014YesYes
Jesper SöderqvistBoard Member2013YesYes