Biovica is a biotech company founded in 2009, focused on providing biomarkers and tools to better evaluate cancer therapies and predict treatment response. Biovica aim to contribute to personalized healthcare and better outcome for cancer patients by improved evaluation of therapy response and minimizing overtreatment.

Biovica has developed the DiviTum™ technology with the goal to complement standard diagnostic tools used to monitor treatment response in women with advanced breast cancer, aiming to provide important complementary information about tumor proliferation rate before it changes and can be detected by imaging.

An unmet need for novel diagnostics

Today 20-30% of all women diagnosed with breast cancer will develop advanced (metastatic) breast cancer some time during their life. In the US alone, 155, 000 women live with advanced breast cancer today. There are many effective treatments but not all treatments are effective in every individual; treatment responses vary and resistance to treatment will eventually occur. The methods used to evaluate therapy response involve imaging and this is used to evaluate the therapy after 2-4 months. Novel, simple and non-invasive complimentary methods could help physicians to faster evaluation of treatment response and adjusting the treatment strategy by changing to a new and potentially more effective treatment.

Biovica has successfully worked to realize its vision for Divitum™ by initiating collaborations with globally renowned institutes and academic research groups. Currently 11 articles on the Divitum™ technology have been published in scientific journals. Biovica has won several awards and received a number of research grants including phase 2 of the Horizon 2020 EU support program.






DiviTum™ is a biomarker assay that measures the activity of the enzyme thymidine kinase in serum or cell cultures. The activity of the cytosolar enzyme Thymidie Kinase 1 in resting cells is hardly detectable, but in proliferating cells, it increases more than 20-fold in late G1/S-phase. The strong dependency on an active cell cycle makes Thymidine Kinase a particularly suitable biomarker for cell proliferation. The degree of its activity in serum or cell cultures is highly associated with cell proliferation and tumor aggressiveness. Thymidine Kinase is a metabolic biomarker, ie not directly associated to a specific DNA mutation and enables DiviTum™ to be applicable as a tool for many types of drugs aiming to prohibit cell proliferation.

In the United States and Japan DiviTum™ is currently available for research purposes only.



Biovica is currently engaged in several clinical studies with leading European and US researchers and institutions investigating DiviTum™ in a number of different tumor types and oncology applications.

Biovica has so far initiated collaborations with world-renowned cancer researchers and centers, such as the International Breast Cancer Study Group (IBCSG), Breast International Group (BIG), the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (US) and the Karolinska Institute (Sweden).

In addition international pharmaceutical companies developing novel oncology therapies investigate DiviTum™ in combination with their drugs in their development programs.



Biomarkers can accelerate your oncology drug-development process and more efficiently evaluate your pipeline compounds. With DiviTum™, Biovica aims to provide a tool for more optimal patient selection that can improve clinical trial results, shorten time-to-market, and increase the chance of regulatory success. If you are interested in collaborating with Biovica, please contact Business Development.

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DiviTum™ as a Translational Biomarker tool – applications from preclinical to early clinical studies