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Is the tumor growing or not?

Biovica is focused on providing better tests for prognosis and monitoring of cancer. DiviTum™ measures cell division rate and has documented ability to predict treatment response and give an accurate prognosis by analyzing a simple blood sample.

Biovica & Funakoshi enters distribution collaboration
in Japan
Measuring cell division can help detect cancer earlier and increase the chance of a better prognosis. Read how DiviTum can help.
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DiviTum, a novel tool for prediction of therapy response, outcome and monitoring of cancer. Find out the benefits of using DiviTum.
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Are you clinically evaluating cancer therapies without directly measuring cell proliferation rates? Then DiviTum offers a solution.
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Knowledge for health

All information, without limitation, on this website is not intended to be used for medical diagnosis or treatment.
Information provided on this website does not constitute medical or other professional advice. DiviTum™ is CE-labelled,
approved by the Swedish Medical Products Agency and available worldwide. In the USA DiviTum™ is currently
available for research purposes only.

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