A new publication in the scientific journal Frontiers in Oncology, authored by researchers at the Prato hospital in Italy, emphasize the need to find and utilize biomarkers to identify early treatment resistance and predict the likelihood of successful treatment to a new group of drugs, CDK 4/6 inhibitors. The article focuses on biomarkers and highlights DiviTum® as a technology with great potential, strong rationale and already documented pre-clinical and clinical data to evaluate CDK4/6 inhibitor efficacy.

The authors depicture the biological drivers behind CDK4/6 resistance, succeeded by how DiviTumÒ can contribute to identifying patients where an early switch to an alternative treatment can improve patient outcome and support treatment decisions.

DiviTum® has in several studies proven the ability to evaluate CDK4/6 treatment responses in women with breast cancer, endorsing the potential of the assay to evaluate the effects of a targeted breast cancer therapy. The CDK 4/6 inhibitors sales is in excess of 4 billion USD/year and presently no biomarkers are clinically in routine use to evaluate or monitor the efficacy of this class of drugs.  

“It’s encouraging that a key application for DiviTum® is given attention in this scientific article, summarizing the evidence so far. For patients with metastatic breast cancer, the published results support that DiviTum® can be used to evaluate the treatment efficacy of CDK 4/6 inhibitors. We aim to supply DiviTum® as a tool that can contribute to improved outcome for patients,” says Anders Rylander, CEO, Biovica.

Reference: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6664013/ 


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Biovica develops and commercializes blood-based biomarker assays that improve monitoring of modern cancer therapies and predict patient outcome. The company’s DiviTum® assay, a test for accurately measuring cell proliferation, has successfully demonstrated its capabilities to early evaluate therapy effectiveness in several clinical trials. Biovica aims to make best-possible-treatment from day one a reality.

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