Uppsala, Sweden, January 31, 2019. The biotech company Biovica, develops and commercializes blood-based biomarker assays that improve the monitoring of modern cancer therapies and better predict patient outcome, takes the next step in their expansion plan. Biovica will scale up production in the newly built facilities at Testa Center in Uppsala to meet the future demand from customers.

To meet future demand, Biovica will scale up part of the production and processes using the newly built Testa Center in Uppsala. The new test and demonstration site, partially funded by GE Healthcare and by the Swedish government, offers high-quality bioprocess expertise and will serve as a hub for innovation in biomanufacturing.

Biovica’s project at the Testa Center is co-financed by SweLife (Vinnova).

“We are happy to be one of the chosen innovative companies to develop our manufacturing process here at the Testa Center. This opportunity is a project for us where we can reduce risk and accelerate time to market. A stable manufacturing process is a key success factor to be able to scale up our production capacity and at the same time meet regulatory requirements,” says Adam Germunder Operations Director at Biovica.

“This collaboration will be very valuable for us in this expansion phase to effectively scale-up our production process to meet expected demand. Access to knowledge and equipment through the Testa Center is a huge advantage and we’re happy that there are such opportunities in Sweden. Being able to scale up production and at the same time meeting regulatory requirement is essential in order for us to fulfill our vision: Best treatment from day one!” says Anders Rylander, CEO Biovica.


More information:

Anders Rylander, CEO Biovica.
Phone: +46 (0)18 444 48 35,
E-mail: anders.rylander@biovica.com

About Biovica

Biovica develops and commercializes blood-based biomarker assays that improve monitoring of modern cancer therapies and predict patient outcome. The company’s DiviTum® assay, a test for accurately measuring cell proliferation, has successfully demonstrated its capabilities to early evaluate therapy effectiveness in several clinical trials. Biovica aims to make best-possible-treatment from day one a reality.

Biovica collaborates with world-leading cancer institutes as well as pharmaceutical companies launching next-generation therapies. The company is ISO 13485 certified for Quality Management Systems. DiviTum® is CE-labeled and MPA-registered. Appointed Certified Adviser to the company is FNCA Sweden AB, info@fnca.se, +46 8 528 00 399.

Read more: www.biovica.com

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