New positive results support early treatment evaluation of breast cancer using DiviTum®

2018-03-28 08:00

Uppsala, Sweden, 2018-03-28

Results from a study of women with metastatic breast cancer demonstrate that DiviTum can provide faster evaluation of treatment efficacy than today’s standard methods and give precise prognosis.

The study, consisting of 31 patients with metastatic breast cancer, was performed at the Prato Hospital, Italy. The results are published in the scientific journal Oncotarget and demonstrates that DiviTum can evaluate efficacy of standard hormonal therapy already after one month of treatment; patients with decreasing DiviTum values did significantly better than patients who increased.

The results support treatment efficacy evaluation with DiviTum and can potentially improve patient outcome for about 350.000 women in US & Europe diagnosed with hormone positive metastatic breast cancer. With current methods used for evaluating the effect of treatment, it takes about three to four months to evaluate whether a given therapy is effective or not. DiviTum can provide an answer already after one month that can be key when making decisions to continue or change treatment to improve patient outcome.

"I believe this is something that will eventually make a big difference for patients and I hope this will be available soon in the clinic. Besides new drugs, which are great, I think tools like DiviTum are even more important because they allow the physician to make good use of the available drugs”, says Dr Luca Malorni, Principal Investigator, Prato Hospital, Italy.

“The group of patients that took part of the study corresponds to 80% of women living with breast cancer. The results provide evidence that DiviTum can give early feedback when evaluating treatment outcome for this large and important group of patients. Going forward, Biovica are aiming to repeat these strong results for more patients in order to provide DiviTum as a standard tool for early evaluation of metastatic cancer treatments.” says Anders Rylander, CEO Biovica.

Ref. Bonechi M et al, Oncotarget 2018; 


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