Lund University includes DiviTum® in study for treatment efficacy evaluation of breast cancer patients

2017-04-11 09:30

Lund University select Biovicas DiviTum® assay for inclusion in a study of 150 women with metastatic breast cancer. The purpose of the study is faster evaluation of treatment efficacy than current standard methods. Lund University will buy about 550 DiviTum tests.

Patients in the study are given different standard therapies, meaning that the value of DiviTum® is tested in a significantly larger patient population than what previously has been presented in Biovica breast cancer studies. Results from the study are planned to be presented no later than during the first half of 2018.

With current diagnostic imaging methods used for evaluating the effect of treatment, it takes about three months to evaluate whether the therapy is effective or not. DiviTumÒ have previously demonstrated the capability to evaluate the effect of a new breast cancer drug, a CDK-inhibitor, after two weeks of treatment. The objective is to repeat these results for the treatments administered in the study, anti-hormonal drugs, chemotherapy, and antibodies.

"We are pleased that Lund University sees the value of DiviTum® and has selected to use it in the study. By participating in this study, we want to help more cancer patients get the best possible treatment earlier. With DiviTum® we want to contribute to much faster treatment efficacy evaluation than what is possible with current imaging methods", says Anders Rylander, CEO Biovica.


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