DiviTum®TKa budget impact model results show potential for savings in cost of care

2021-04-23 08:30

Biovica, active in cancer diagnostics, today announced that the results from a budget impact model of monitoring with DiviTum®TKa can give savings of up to three times the extra spend relative to current management. The results will be presented at the leading health economics and outcomes research conference, ISPOR 2021 in May.

The benefits from including DiviTum®TKa when monitoring hormone receptor positive metastatic breast cancer would primarily come from reduction of futile therapy cost and from a reduction other monitoring costs, i.e., imaging costs.

“New healthcare interventions often add to the total cost of care. We set out to understand if adding a new blood-based test could actually translate to savings in cost of care. In this context the model indicates that inclusion of DiviTum®TKa seems to be a positive exception and should deliver savings.” said Scott D. Ramsey from the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center.

“Our vision has always been that DiviTumTKa should add value and reduce complexity to the healthcare system, as well as contributing to better outcome for patients. We know that a blood test is less cumbersome for patients than current monitoring options and are pleased to see that these results suggest that the test can deliver significant improvements in healthcare efficiency. I’d also want to thank the team at the renowned University of Washington and Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center that has performed this in-depth analysis.” said Anders Rylander, Biovica’s CEO.

The data will be presented at the ISPOR conference starting from 17 May. https://www.ispor.org/conferences-education/conferences/upcoming-conferences/ispor-2021/program/program


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