Biovica’s DiviTum®TKa results published in Journal of Medical Economics

2021-11-16 09:15

Biovica, active in cancer diagnostics, today announced that the results of a DiviTum®TKa budget impact model have been published in the Journal of Medical Economics. This publication expands on data presented at the ISPOR 2021 meeting. The model’s results show that monitoring with DiviTum®TKa may achieve savings of up to three times the extra spend relative to current management of metastatic breast cancer patients.

Care for metastatic breast cancer patients is a large burden on healthcare systems due to cost of therapies, cost of monitoring tests, and management of side effects. The results from this study show that adding DiviTumTKa to care could give a net reduction in costs of up to three times the spend on the new test. The savings come from a decrease in the usage of other monitoring tools such as CT scans and bone scans, and from shortening the amount of time a patient receives expensive medical treatments that ultimately prove to be ineffective.

“Our analysis showed that inclusion of DiviTum®TKa could reduce use of a substantial proportion of traditional monitoring. If use of DiviTum®TKa can also predict lack of benefit from costly CDK4/6i therapy and clinicians then act on that information in a timely fashion, our model suggests that this will result in substantial cost savings to patients and health plans,” said Scott D. Ramsey from the Fred Hutchison Cancer Research Center.

“This analysis reinforces our belief that DiviTum®TKa will improve the lives of patients and reduce costs in healthcare. From discussions with patients, we also know that they prefer a regular blood test as a better option than current monitoring practices.” said Anders Rylander, CEO of Biovica.

The study publication is included in the November 2021 issue of the Journal of Medical Economics


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