Biovica will present at the Biomarkers & Precision Medicine Congress in San Diego

2019-10-03 08:45

The 4th Annual Biomarkers & Precision Medicine Congress will be arranged October 8-9 in San Diego, USA. With increased focus on precision medicine follows a need to translate scientific progress into patient benefits through personalized healthcare. The focus of the Biomarker Congress is the discovery and clinical development of biomarkers and Biovica has been invited to present DiviTum®. The congress includes presentations, case studies and panel discussions with participants from global pharmaceutical and biotech companies, as well as academic institutions.

At the conference, Pontus Nobréus will address how liquid biomarkers can contribute with fundamental information and to a more effective process in the development of oncology drugs. DiviTum® is a cell proliferation biomarker and a valuable tool for cancer researchers and drug developers when evaluating cell-cycle regulating compounds like the new CDK4/6 inhibitors and pipeline drugs. The use of novel biomarkers, such as DiviTum®, provides key information during the drug development continuum, saves time and costs, can increase the probability for regulatory success and shorten time to market.

“I look forward to attend the congress and present DiviTum® to this audience of professionals. I will highlight the unique data we have with DiviTum® as a tool for effective pre-clinical evaluation of candidate drug effects all the way to large clinical trials demonstrating the unique capability of DiviTum® to provide accurate prognosis and quick evaluation of cell-cycle regulating drugs. With increased focus on targeted therapies, there is a need for good biomarkers, and I am excited to be invited to the congress to contribute to the discussion regarding biomarkers in oncology drug development and clinical validation” says Pontus Nobréus, Business Development Director Biovica.

“The Biomarker congress is an excellent opportunity for us to engage with the pharmaceutical industry and highlight how DiviTum® can contribute to a more effective drug development process and be a useful tool for management of new targeted oncology therapies, supporting our aim to improve cancer patients outcome” says Anders Rylander, CEO Biovica.

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