Biovica signs master service agreement

2024-03-12 08:00

Biovica, active in blood-based cancer monitoring, has signed a master service agreement with a biopharmaceutical company enabling Biovica to provide its TKa testing assay and testing services. The agreement holds room for several work orders, the first of which is 1.2 MSEK.

The service agreement allows Biovica to perform TKa testing services enabling evaluation of cell proliferation activities in for example pivotal drug development studies by this new customer. The test service is focused on the use of Biovica’s TKa assay and expertise within the interpretation of TKa measurement dynamics.

Through the agreement, Biovica will be contributing to the development of first-in-class next generation of CDK4/6 inhibitor therapeutics in breast cancer.

"We are very happy to see the great demand for our Pharma Services Business. The agreement adds to our current list of 13 master service agreements with pharma/biotech companies and is an important step that could lead to the development of a Companion Diagnostic (CDx) product. Ultimately, the correlation between TKa, improved CDK inhibitor response, and better outcomes is what Biovica is striving for on behalf of patients", said Henrik Winther, SVP Business Development, Biovica.


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