Biovica signs DiviTum® TKa commercial partner agreement for Dutch and Polish markets

2023-03-28 08:00

Biovica, active in cancer monitoring, today announces that the company has signed a commercial partnership with the European distributor TOROMEDICAL group for the commercialization of the DiviTumTKa test for clinical routine use in the Netherlands and Poland. Launch preparations commence immediately.

Some 7,000 women are diagnosed with advanced breast cancer every year in the Netherlands. In Poland, it is estimated that about 8,000 women are diagnosed with advanced breast cancer every year in Poland (see ref 1 & 2).

“Partnering with TOROMEDICAL gives us fast access to both the Dutch and the Polish markets via their local salesforces. Furthermore, the agreement is a partnership rather than a regular distribution agreement to ensure fast sales uptake and solid market adoption. We are especially eager to take on the Dutch market where we have an ongoing countrywide study and strong KOL collaborations,” said Helle Fisker, VP Commercial for Biovica.

“Bringing DiviTum TKa to the Netherlands and Poland is very exciting for us as we see a great potential for the product, both for patients and commercially. We are well connected in the diagnostic and oncology space in both countries and we see an immediate need that DiviTum TKa can fulfill,” said Roberto Smotlak, CEO of TOROMEDICAL group.


  1. State of the Health in EU: Poland, Country Health Profile 2017, World Health Organization
  2. Thöle, M. et al. (2020). Trends in breast cancer incidence and mortality, clinical diagnosis and treatment in the light of the contemporary demographic changes in Germany and Poland, 2006–2016. Polish Annals of Medicine, 27 (2), pp. 159-167.

TOROMEDICAL group (Amsterdam, Warsaw, Ljubljana) is a European provider of advanced technologies and therapies in oncology and women's health. It is composed by highly skilled healthcare professionals coming from multinational pharmaceutical companies, dealing with oncology, rare disease and other lifesaving segments. TOROMEDICAL’s mission is to make innovative technologies available to patients’ needs, resulting in improving their quality of life. Innovative and minimal invasive diagnostic and treatment approaches represent the core of TOROMEDICAL’s business.


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