Biovica signs agreement with Palex Group, a market leader in Spain and Portugal

2024-01-19 08:30

Biovica, active in cancer monitoring, has signed a collaboration agreement for DiviTum® TKa in Spain and Portugal with the Palex Group, a leading hospital equipment supplier with a proven track record in taking oncology tests and surgical instruments to market in southern Europe. The collaboration aims at making the test available to more than 8,000 cases of metastatic breast cancer patients diagnosed each year in Spain and Portugal.

Palex will lead the introduction and adoption of DiviTum TKa, focusing efforts on generating a high level of awareness and knowledge among breast oncologists and other relevant decision-makers and incorporating the test into clinical guidelines, thanks to its differential value for professionals and patients.

"Our commitment to DiviTum TKa reflects our strong determination to provide health professionals and their patients with disruptive solutions capable of improving people's lives. In this case, with a non-invasive solution that allows prognosis and monitoring the effectiveness of treatment for advanced cancer patients treated with CDK4/6 inhibitors," said Xavier Carbonell, CEO of the Palex Group.

"Palex Group has a proven track record in marketing precision medicine solutions for breast cancer, with impressive commercial results. We are delighted to sign an agreement with such a successful and dynamic team. This agreement establishes a strategic commercial approach for DiviTum TKa in the Spanish and Portuguese markets," said Helle Fisker, Vice President of Commercialization at Biovica.

"Making therapeutic decisions in a timely manner is vital to optimize patient treatment and increase survival. Having new non-invasive tools capable of personalizing treatment with high-impact drugs such as CDK4/6 inhibitor is a revolutionary opportunity," says Carlos Hagen, Medical Director of Oncology at Palex.

More about Palex Group
Palex Group is the leading provider of advanced solutions for healthcare professionals in hospitals, laboratories, and research. Founded in 1955 with a clear innovative focus, it is a leader in supplying equipment to the hospital sector in southern Europe. With a team of over 800 people, Palex provides healthcare professionals with the most cutting-edge and innovative tools on the market to enable them to do their best work and provide patients with the best diagnosis and treatment. For more information, please visit:


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