Biovica establishes DiviTum® TKa commercialization partnership in Italy

2023-04-04 08:00

Biovica, active in cancer monitoring, today announces that the company has signed a commercial partnership agreement with the Italian company, IT Health Fusion, for the commercialization of the DiviTum® TKa assay in Italy.

In Italy, some 17,000 women are diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer every year. IT Health Fusion, which is a subsidary of the biotech and pharmaceutical company BIOVIIIx, will lead the Italian market introduction, where the initial focus will be on private insurance and out-of-pocket markets, together constituting some 40 percent of the Italian market.

“We are happy to have signed a partnership agreement with such a fast-moving team that has a successful track record of bringing healthcare products to market. Together we are ready to take on the important Italian market. It is one of the largest in the Europe, but also a market where we have strong KOL support,” said Helle Fisker, VP of Commercialization for Biovica.

“Bringing the DiviTum TKa assay to the Italian market is a perfect fit for our organization. BIOVIIIx and IT Health Fusion have the right connections at hospitals and among healthcare professionals, based on deep experience in the field of oncological pharmaceuticals,” said Davide Rosiello, CEO of IT Health Fusion and BIOVIIIx Group.

“The IT Health Fusion sales force of eight senior sales agents has connections in cancer diagnostic and monitoring departments. We are excited to start executing our launch activities for DiviTum TKa. Our experienced salespeople will guide the introduction of the test to help patients suffering from metastatic breast cancer. We are eager to get started,” said Fulvio Manzo, Sales and Marketing Manager of IT Health Fusion, in charge of the launch and rollout of DiviTum TKa in Italy.

About IT Health Fusion
IT Health Fusion is a new generation global healthcare company. The company’s mission is to reduce critical issues, and improve people’s health and wellbeing, the safety of health workers and the effectiveness of hospital processes to save more lives. IT Health Fusion does this with the design, installation and validation of new generation cleanrooms designed for personalized oncology therapies or as cell and tissue typing laboratories and with the marketing of a patented device/method for the automated preparation of therapies and systems for the governance of drug chain inside the hospital. IT Health Fusion has deep experience in the IVD market in Europe: oncology, anatomic pathology, infectious disease for Public and Private Hospitals. For more information, please visit:


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