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Referral to social services to investigate her sexual relationship with an adult C order propranolol 40 mg without a prescription hypertension risks. You should be concerned about the age discrepancy between the teenager and her partner purchase propranolol on line amex arrhythmia 18 years old, and there are overtones of possible child abuse or exploitation that need addressing on a separate occasion best order for propranolol pulse pressure endocarditis. The best course of action regarding that would be to discuss her case with your local child protection agency but we have not given you this option. Involving her parents is a good idea and you should encourage her to do so, but you cannot do this yourself without her consent because of confdentiality. Informing the police, whilst legally correct, is not an appropriate frst response to this situation as her contraceptive needs outweigh all other considerations. Turner syndrome Causes of primary amenorrhoea, in descending order of frequency, are gonadal dysgenesis, Mullerian agenesis, and testicular feminization. Because this patient has other signs of pubertal development that are sex steroid-dependent, we can conclude that some ovarian function is present. This excludes such conditions as gonadal dysgenesis as a possible cause of her primary amenorrhoea. Mullerian defects are the only plausible cause, and the diagnostic evaluation in this patient would be directed toward both confrmation of this diagnosis and establishment of the exact nature of the Mullerian defect. Mullerian agenesis, also known as Mayer-Rokitansky-Kuster-Hauser syndrome, presents as amenorrhoea possibly also with absence of a vagina as well as absent uterus. There is normal development of breasts, sexual hair, ovaries, tubes, and external genitalia. There are associated skeletal (12 per cent) and urinary tract (33 per cent) anomalies. The bleeding settles and her haemoglobin the following day is 105 gm/L with normal parameters and ferritin levels. She has experienced trou- ble tolerating oral iron preparations in her previous pregnancies because of constipation. She should have a blood transfusion to increase her haemoglobin level above 12 gm/L She is not technically anaemic yet (in the second and third trimester anaemia is defned as Hb <105 gm/L), but she is at risk of haemorrhage because of the placenta praevia. In women at high risk of transfusion and with no clinically signifcant alloantibodies, group and screen samples should be sent once a week to exclude any new antibody formation and keep blood available if necessary. She has just had a swab taken at the hospital as part of a routine screen and the result showing bacterial vaginosis has been faxed to the surgery. Oral metronidazole is the treatment of choice but not the single high-dose regimen. Signs include fresh vaginal bleeding, fetal distress, and cessation of contractions. She cannot remember having chickenpox as a child and there is nothing about that in her records at the surgery so a serum test was taken just after exposure which was negative for IgG antibodies. It is effective up to 10 days after contact and can be delayed until serology results are known. The community midwife has only just left the labour ward on her way to the house, having collected a cylinder of Entonox. The woman’s husband telephones the surgery to say that her waters have just gone and he can see the cord hanging out of the vagina. Wrap the cord in a warm towel The most important thing is to get the presenting part off the cord so it does not compress it. Replacing the cord in the vagina or wrapping it in a towel is not advised as handling of the cord should be kept to a minimum. Avoid sexual intercourse until he has a plasma viral load of less than 5,000 copies/ml B. She should be screened for other infections but you would not offer routine prophylaxis. He should have a viral load of less than 50 copies per ml in the 6 months before attempting conception. She does not need all the tumour markers as she is more than 40 years old so this is not likely to be an embryonic tumour.

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Contrary to common assumpt ions purchase 80 mg propranolol free shipping blood pressure scale, most incidents of elder abuse does not happen in nursing homes or ot h er inst itut ional sett ings but usually take place at home and often the family purchase propranolol 80mg free shipping arteria vesicalis medialis, other household members cheap propranolol 80 mg fast delivery hypertension ppt, or paid caregivers are usually the abus- ers. Risk fact ors for elder abuse include cognit ive impairment, depression and anxi- et y. T here is no pat hognomonic sign of elder abuse as signs can vary and may be subt le, and the majorit y of cases go undet ect ed. It is import ant t o screen all elderly women in order t o ident ify vict ims and provide assist ance. A detailed social history can evaluate family structure, stability of social sup- ports, identify financial stressors, and substance abuse or mental health history. Patients reporting high levels of stress, depression, or anxiety, sleeping or eating difficulties may be the victims of abuse. Poor hygiene, weight loss, unkempt appearance, miss- ing assistive devices, and inappropriate attire may be some signs of neglect. Most st at es mandat e t hat h ealt h care providers report confirmed cases t o Adult Prot ec- tive Services so it is important to educate yourself on the laws in your state. Abuse creates potentially harmful situations and feelings of worthlessness, and isolates the elder person from those who can help. In t im a t e Pa r t n e r Vio le n c e Intimate partner violence occurs in every culture, country, and age group, and affect s individuals in all socioeconomic and religious backgrounds. Lifelong consequences exist including physical impair- ment, emotional trauma, chronic health problems, and even fat ality. Alcohol and/ or substance abuse is much more prevalent in women who are victims as well as men who commit violent acts. Becau se of the h igh pr evalen ce, the ob/ gyn ph ysician mu st b e p ar t icu lar ly attuned to this problem. Sensit ive, confident ial, but direct quest ioning is t he best approach: “Are you being hurt or t hreat ened by anyone? When homicide or child abuse is suspected, it is mandatory to notify the authorities. It must be reinforced to a victim of domestic abuse that they are not responsible for the abu se, an d sh ould be empowered t o learn about the resources an d suppor t services, needs to make their own decisions, and discussions held in confident ialit y (to the limits of the law). A safety plan may be discussed including packing a bag in advance, having personal document s ready, having an ext ra set of car/ house keys, est ablishing a code wit h friends/ family, and having a plan of where t o go. Nevertheless, even if the patient denies inti- mate partner violence, it is beneficial to discuss the issues in a caring manner and offer educat ional material. Penile-to-vaginal intercourse occurred and the patient states she does not believe a condom was used. Prior to prescribing emergency cont r acept ion, wh ich of the followin g is m ost imp or t ant t o or d er? The patient has advanced dementia and cannot give a history, but her son says there have been no problems. A red rash is not ed on t he int roit al region, and also some bruising on t he vulvar and perineal area. T h e C D C r eco m m en d s scr een in g of in t im at e p ar t n er violen ce o n ce d u r - ing t he pregnancy, usually at the first prenat al visit. Usually intimate partner violence lessens during pregnancy due to con- cer n about h u r t in g the fet u s. She has recently immigrat ed t o t he count ry and has not been vaccinat ed against h epat it is B. An eld er ly p a t ien t wh o h a s d em en t ia is a t r isk fo r eld er ab u s e, b eca u s e they have high needs and also cannot report the abuse. This patient has signs of neglect such as bedsores and unkempt appearance, and likely prolonged soil- ing wit hout diaper changes. N ot ificat ion of t he aut h orit ies is mandat ory in a sit uat ion such as t h is. Intimate partner violence increases in pregnancy and can lead to preterm delivery, low birth weight, and placental abruption. H omicide, usually in the first trimester, is the second leading cause of injury-related deaths to pregnant women after motor vehicle accidents.

The drug is an alternative to mebendazole or albendazole for infestations with hookworms or pinworms buy propranolol 80mg with amex blood pressure unstable. Mechanism of Action Pyrantel is a depolarizing neuromuscular blocking agent that causes spastic paralysis of intestinal parasites purchase propranolol blood pressure medication without food. Possible central nervous system effects include dizziness buy genuine propranolol on line arrhythmia from clonidine, drowsiness, headache, and insomnia. Praziquantel Target Organisms Praziquantel [Biltricide] is very active against flukes and cestodes (tapeworms), and is the drug of choice for tapeworms, schistosomiasis, and other fluke infestations. At low therapeutic concentrations, the drug produces spastic paralysis, causing detachment of worms from body tissues. At high therapeutic concentrations, praziquantel disrupts the integument of the worms, rendering the parasites vulnerable to lethal attack by host defenses. The drug undergoes extensive hepatic metabolism, followed by excretion in the urine. Drowsiness may occur, and hence patients should avoid driving and other hazardous activities. Diethylcarbamazine Target Organisms Diethylcarbamazine [Hetrazan] is the drug of choice for filarial infestations. First, it reduces muscular activity, causing parasites to be dislodged from their site of attachment. Second, by altering the surface properties of the parasites, it renders the organisms more vulnerable to attack by host defenses. Pharmacokinetics Diethylcarbamazine is readily absorbed and undergoes rapid and extensive metabolism. Adverse Effects Adverse effects caused directly by diethylcarbamazine are minor (headache, weakness, dizziness, nausea, vomiting). Indirect effects, occurring secondary to death of the parasites, can be more serious. These include rashes, intense itching, encephalitis, fever, tachycardia, lymphadenitis, leukocytosis, and proteinuria. Fortunately, these reactions are transient, lasting just a few days—and can be minimized by pretreatment with glucocorticoids. Ivermectin Target Organisms Ivermectin [Stromectol] is active against many nematodes. Currently, the drug has two approved indications: onchocerciasis (a major cause of blindness worldwide) and intestinal strongyloidiasis. Ivermectin can also be used to kill mites and lice, although these parasites are not approved targets. In addition to its use in humans, ivermectin is used widely in veterinary medicine. Mechanism of Action Ivermectin disrupts nerve traffic and muscle function in target parasites. By opening chloride channels on the cell surface, which allows chloride ions to rush into nerve and muscle cells. The resultant hyperpolarization of these cells causes paralysis followed by death. Host cells are not affected because ivermectin is selective for chloride channels in parasites. Pharmacokinetics Ivermectin is administered orally and achieves peak plasma levels in 4 hours. Adverse Effect: Mazotti Reaction The Mazotti reaction occurs in patients treated for onchocerciasis. Principal symptoms are pruritus, rash, fever, lymph node tenderness, and bone and joint pain. The apparent cause is an allergic and inflammatory response to the death of microfilariae. Although the nonspecialist provider does not typically have an active role in deciding how to treat cancer, as part of the interdisciplinary team caring for the patient, it remains essential to provide preventive care and to promote optimal well-being for those patients who receive treatment. Hence it is important to have a basic understanding of cancer, drugs used to treat cancer, and the effects that anticancer drugs have on patients.


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On examination you find severe lower abdominal tenderness with generalised guarding and rebound buy propranolol pills in toronto heart attack young adults. A Appendicitis Just because someone is pregnant does not mean that their symptoms must be related to the pregnancy propranolol 40mg without prescription blood pressure medication dosages. Appendicitis can be diffcult to diagnose in more advanced pregnancy because the position of the appendix can alter buy discount propranolol 80mg blood pressure healthy. On examination you can feel a mass in her lower abdomen above the symphysis pubis. F Normal intrauterine pregnancy The mass could be an ovarian cyst but in the absence of contraception it is more likely to be a pregnant uterus. On arrival at hospital she is complaining of shoulder tip pain, and examination shows a tender abdomen with guarding. She had a copper coil fitted just after the delivery of her 2-year-old son, and thinks her last menstrual period was 2 weeks ago although it was lighter than usual. B Ectopic pregnancy The fact that she has collapsed and has shoulder tip pain suggests ectopic. Pelvic examination reveals no tenderness and the uterus is the correct size with a closed cervical os. H Threatened miscarriage You won’t know whether it is a viable pregnancy or not until you get the scan result. The absence of pelvic tenderness makes ectopic less likely and the fact that 204 09:34:57. A Adenomyosis B Appendicitis C Chronic pelvic infammatory disease D Endometriosis E Interstitial cystitis F Irritable bowel syndrome G Ovarian cyst H Polycystic ovarian syndrome I Urinary tract infection J Uterine fbroids These clinical scenarios describe nonpregnant women presenting in the gynae- cology clinic with lower abdominal or pelvic pain. The bladder will be very tender on bimanual examination, and it is sometimes refractory to treatment. D Endometriosis The pill often protects women from the manifestations of endometriosis until they stop taking it in later life. A Adenomyosis If the uterus is very tender on examination this suggests adenomyosis, which is more common in multiparous women. She seeks help on account of intermittent pain in both iliac fossae associated with abdominal bloating and deep dyspareunia. It might not be malignant, so referral to a gynaecologist initially rather than oncology is indicated. A pelvic ultrasound shows a unilocular 4 cm diameter cyst on the left ovary consistent with a ‘chocolate cyst’. Routine referral to a gynaecologist This woman probably has endometriosis and should be referred for further inves- tigation and management of her symptoms. Repeat pelvic ultrasound in 3 months This cyst is likely to disappear over the next few months as the most likely diag- nosis is an ovulatory cyst. The beginning of the next cycle is a little too early to rescan to check it has disappeared. The problem is that other conditions such as bowel problems (diverticulitis, gastroenteritis, infammatory bowel disease) can also raise the levels. If the level is increasing a repeat ultrasound is indicated to see if anything is developing on the ovaries. A Ergometrine infusion over 4 hours B Evacuation of uterus on routine consultant list tomorrow C Evacuation of uterus immediately on emergency list D Evacuation of uterus after cervical priming E Gemeprost pessaries 207 09:34:57. You are asked to review the scan and plan management when you take over the night shift at 8 pm. B Evacuation of uterus on routine consultant list tomorrow The scan shows the typical appearance of a hydatidiform molar pregnancy. She requires a careful evacuation of the uterus to remove all the abnormal tissue and histological classifcation of the type of molar pregnancy. These are diffcult evac- uation operations to perform and a senior surgeon is required. The distracters are immediate evacuation or cervical preparation, but not medical evacuation. She had an ectopic pregnancy a year ago that was treated by laparo- scopic right salpingectomy.

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