Biovica completed meeting with the FDA

On the 22nd of July, Biovica had fruitful meeting with the FDA regarding Supplement II that discusses the approach for clinical validation of DiviTum. Next step is to document the conclusions from the meeting, which the FDA will review and signoff. This process will take a maximum of 45 days. Thereafter, Supplement II will be completed, [...]

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Biovica publishes a summary of study-results in breast cancer with DiviTum®

Biovica has a comprehensive study program with DiviTum® to demonstrate the clinical value for cancer patients. Biovica has published a summary brochure in order to share knowledge about results achieved so far with DiviTum® to researchers, oncologists and other stakeholders. The summary describes all clinical studies presented where DiviTum® is used to evaluate response to breast cancer treatment.

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Biovica attends ASCO in Chicago

Uppsala, Sweden, May 8, 2019: Biovica will participate in the 55th Annual Meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), taking place in Chicago May 31-June 4, 2019

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Biovica och IBL-America inleder försäljningssamarbete i USA

Uppsala, den 10 april, 2019. Biovica inleder samarbete med IBL-America avseende försäljning av DiviTum® på den amerikanska forskningsmarknaden. Samarbetet accelererar de kommersiella aktiviteterna inom detta kundsegment på Biovicas största marknad.

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Biovica announces two new customers and sales of 1,5 MSEK

Uppsala, the 19th of March 2019. Two new customers have purchased DiviTum®-kits in order to evaluate response to treatment in breast cancer studies. The customers are pharma- and CRO-companies (Contract Research Organization) based in US and Europe.

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