Introducing the improved version of DiviTum™

The new DiviTum™ assay

DiviTum™ is CE-labelled and is the most sensitive and precise test in the world to measure cell growth rate in a simple blood sample. The clinical benefit of DiviTum™ in predicting response to therapy and monitoring treatment in cancer is supported by more than 10 studies in peer-reviewed journals.


The new version of the DiviTum™ assay has many benefits for
the laboratory:


•Performing the assay is faster and simpler

•Incubation at a standard temperature of 37 °C

•Improved analytical precision

•The reading procedure is optimized


DiviTum™ clinical trial programme

Biovica has launched a significant trial programme in Oncology, collaborating with leading cancer institutes in the world. One example is a study of DiviTum™ for prediction and monitoring of therapy efficacy and outcome in breast cancer in collaboration with Karolinska Institutet (Stockholm, Sweden).


DiviTum™ for drug development collaborations

Biovica has entered several clinical research collaborations with pharma companies. Focus in these programs is a more optimal evaluation of pipeline compounds and identification of patient cohorts with maximum chance of response and improved time to progression.

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