Biovica participates at the AACR annual meeting 2015, 18-22 April in Philadelphia

The AACR Annual Meeting 2015 will highlight the latest discoveries in cancer research and will provide an opportunity for investigators from all over the world to meet, interact, and share their insights. The American association for cancer research (AACR) annual meeting is one of the largest gatherings of cancer researchers and oncologists in the world. [...]

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Biovica participates at BIO-Europe Spring 2015, 9-11 March in Paris

BIO-Europe Spring is the springtime counterpart to BIO-Europe. BIO-Europe is Europe's largest partnering conference serving the global biotechnology industry. The conference annually attracts leading dealmakers from biotech, pharma and finance along with the most exciting emerging companies. “Biovica provides researchers and pharmaceutical companies with better tools to predict and evaluate drug efficacy. By doing so we aim to [...]

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Biovica participates at the French-Swedish Life Science Day, December 3, in Paris.

The French-Swedish Life Science Days in Paris gathers executives from international biotech, pharmaceutical & diagnostic companies and venture capital. The meeting offers networking opportunities, company presentations and panel discussions. “The event is important for Biovica since we are now entering a new phase of collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and academia. The French-Swedish Life Science Day [...]

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Biovica presents at Vinnova’s SME event on November 25, 2014

Biovica, as one of two Swedish SMEs selected by the European Commission to be funded through the Horizon 2020 program and winner of the Network stars award within the Eurostars program, is invited to present about successful European research collaborations at a SME forum organized by Vinnova. Biovica will share its experiences from the Horizon 2020 application [...]

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Biovica attended the Serendipity Bee summit 2014

Biovica attended the Serendipity Bee summit November 11, 2014 in Stockholm. “The summit was a great opportunity for us to present Biovica and network with investors and similar companies in the Nordic region. We where very excited to be selected, especially now when Biovica is entering a new phase of collaborations with pharmaceutical companies and leading [...]

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Biovica receives EU funding for DiviTum™

The European Commission has selected Biovicas project “Clinical validation of the DiviTum™ assay in key European markets” to be funded through the Research and Innovation Framework Program Horizon 2020.   A total of 2 666 proposals were submitted to the first SME (Small Medium Enterprises) Instrument Calls within the European Commission´s R&D Program Horizon 2020. [...]

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Biovica participates at the Nordic Life Science Days 2014

Biovica will participate at the Nordic Life Science Days 7-9 September, 2014. The meeting is a good opportunity for Biovica to network with potential partners for collaboration in the launch of the improved DiviTum Assay. DiviTum is the most sensitive and precise test in the world to measure cell growth rate in a simple blood [...]

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Introducing the improved version of DiviTum™

The new DiviTum™ assayDiviTum™ is CE-labelled and is the most sensitive and precise test in the world to measure cell growth rate in a simple blood sample. The clinical benefit of DiviTum™ in predicting response to therapy and monitoring treatment in cancer is supported by more than 10 studies in peer-reviewed journals.   The new version of the DiviTum™ [...]

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