Biovica receives patent approval in US

Biovica has recently received patent approval for the DiviTum™ technology by the United States patent office. The granting of this latest patent means that DiviTum™ now has patent protection in both the US & Canada and across Europe, in total 44 countries.

This patent concerns the technology to measure cell proliferation rate by analysing thymidine kinase (TK) activity in a biological sample. The TK-enzyme has a key function in the synthesis of DNA and thereby in cell division and the rate in which cells proliferate. DiviTum™ is the most sensitive and precise way to measure TK activity and has demonstrated unique values in predicting patient outcome and therapy efficacy, as well as monitoring cancer treatment. Running the analysis only requires a simple blood sample, there is no need for tissue, and patients can be spared from invasive biopsies.


Biovica have an on going study programme to further demonstrate the utility of DiviTum™ in solid tumors. The first clinical studies in the US are planned to start later this year.


Anders Rylander, CEO Biovica, comments: “I am delighted that we have received the US patent office’s approval for our DiviTum™ technology. This grant significantly strengthens our patent portfolio and it’s certainly a pleasing endorsement, coming as it does from under the rigorous scrutiny of the US patent authorities. I am very pleased to continue documenting the unique value of DiviTum™ to further demonstrate it’s usefulness when evaluating cancer, contributing to personalized medicine and a more optimal patient treatment.”

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