Biovica & Funakoshi enters distribution collaboration in Japan

Biovica have entered an agreement with Funakoshi Corporation for distribution of DiviTum™ in Japan. Funakoshi will market and sell DiviTum™, Biovicas highly sensitive assay measuring cell proliferation, in it’s established network and channels.
“Japan is an exciting market where a lot of resources are put into oncology R&D.”says Anders Rylander, CEO at Biovica. ” With DiviTum™ we want to contribute to better patient outcome and finding more optimized patient populations for new oncology drugs. We are looking forward to work with Funakoshi, a company with great experience in distributing research purpose kits, reagents and instruments in Japan”.


About Funakoshi Co, Ltd

Funakoshi Co, Ltd, founded in 1923, is one of the largest life science distributors in Japan covering a wide range of areas including Molecular Biology, Immunology and Biochemistry. The mission of Funakoshi is offering many useful tools with leading edge technologies for Japanese researchers from all over the world to support and develop their research.

For more information, visit Funakoshi’s website:

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