A blood sample can give better information on how effective lung cancer therapies are

A study presented in Barcelona at the International Society of Oncology and Biomarkers Meeting (March 14-18, 2014) demonstrates that a simple blood test can be used to give more comprehensive information on whether chemotherapy against lung cancer will be effective or not.
The study included 324 lung cancer patients and blood samples were taken before and during treatment. The blood samples were analysed with Biovica’s DiviTum™ Assay, which measures cell growth rate. Results demonstrate that DiviTum™ can indicate if chemotherapy will be effective or not; less than twofold DiviTum™ increase after first and second cycle of chemotherapy was associated with a poor prognosis in terms of treatment failure and overall survival. An elevated pre-treatment DiviTum™ value works as an independent, adverse prognostic factor for survival in lung cancer.

“Our study demonstrates that DiviTum™ can be used to better evaluate treatment efficacy in lung cancer in order to get patients a more optimal treatment. DiviTum™ gives clinically useful information and a more comprehensive picture of how effective chemotherapy works”, says Dr Benjamin Nisman, Principal Investigator in the study, The Hadassah Hospital, Jerusalem, Israel.

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